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Founded in 2010, EADE (Experts in Agronomy for Development and Environment) is an association managed by 10 students in the 4 year of the complete course at ISTOM, an agronomy and development engineering school settled in Cergy, in France. It provides an expertise to organization or companies in activity in developing or tropical countries (Africa, Latin America, Asia, overseas). The association takes part in a larger program of ISTOM that aims to offer a high quality junior expertise to actors and entrepreneurs of development: the Young Experts Mission. Our team of 10 future engineers, strong of diverse capacities and autonomous, proposes to public or private organizations to carry out a study adapted to the needs of their project: study of opportunity, market research, branch or sector analysis, feasibility study, environmental, socio-economic or agrarian diagnostic.

Our service would be achieved in three steps :

Preliminary study of the mission
Surveys, interviews and actions on the ground
Release and presentation of deliverable
(synthesis of collected data, analysis and recommandations)

Junior expertise is an exceptional opportunity to benefit with an expanded action capacity and larger access to information. Our team is self-organised and can be deployed in several countries or regions.

Photo de l'équipe !
EADE team 2017-2018 !

Our school : ISTOM

logo istom principal

For more than 100 years, ISTOM has trained a large number of engineers in agronomy and international development.

The ISTOM engineer master the scientific and technical knowledge in the fields of crop production, agri-food, water, environment and agricultural development. Combined with practical training with a 16-month internship, these education allow future engineers to understand better the contexts and challenges of developing countries. That’s what allow them to implement and carry out missions or projects in emerging countries.

Capable of evolving in an international and multicultural context, the ISTOM engineer innovates permanently. Specializing in the agricultural sector, it integrates the human and economic dimensions. It mobilizes its technical and scientific skills in its projects, while participating in the development of the countries of the South. With nearly 2,500 former students working in more than 108 countries, ISTOM is recognized for training engineers involved and easily adaptable.

For more information : link to the ISTOM website