Our expertise


Feasibility studies
Opportunity Studies


Impact measurement
(Social / environmental)

Agricultural Diagnostics

Production plan
Study of agrarian system

Territorial Study

Environmental diagnostics

We remain open to all proposals according to your needs.

Our assets


Diversity of technical and theoretical skills acquired during our studies and numerous internships abroad.

Linguistic wealth

Our team speaks fluently 4 languages: French, English, Spanish, Malagasy with also notions of German and Mandarin.

Expertise at an attractive cost

Expertise of professional level carried out by 10 young students engineers at your service.

International mobility

Our training allows us to meet your needs in the fields of agricultural, economic and social sciences in all regions of the world.

Educational support

We have the support of researcher teachers as well as the experiences of previous promotions.

International network

EADE benefits from an international network thanks to the many ISTOM graduates and the trust that has been granted by silent partners.

Examples of missions carried out by EADE

The EADE association can be taken up each year by a group of ISTOM students to set up a new project registered as part of international development. In previous years, it has tackled themes such as co-operatives as pillars of sustainability, water management and the development of innovative agri-food products.

Agricultural diagnosis on the avocado sector for the creation of a cooperative of avocado oil in Guinea - 2016

The EADE team carried out a study sponsored by the “Enfants des collines” association between 2015 and 2016. In this context, students went into the the field to carry out a study of the avocado branch at the scale of the project as well as a feasibility study of the transformation project.

Study of potential local ingredients for the development of innovative products for Nutriset - 2013

The team carried out a study sponsored by Onyx Development between 2012 and 2013, with the objective of developing innovative products for Nutriset. The team split between Burkina Faso and Tanzania to conduct a food chain study of potentially interesting food ingredients from local resources. The mission initially started with the establishment of a local groundnut sector, and then focused on the exploitation of Baobab.

The challenge of water management through the development of the territory of the northern districts of Thiès - 2011

The team carried out between 2010 and 2011 a study commissioned by Enda Graf Sahel and the city of Cergy on the management of water risks in Senegal. This study was part of a project to develop the territory of the northern districts of Thiès, a flood zone facing problems of rainwater management, wastewater and the resulting health consequences. The municipality has called EADE as part of its cooperation program with the city of Cergy to equip itself with decision-making tools to know how to react to these difficulties.

Chronology of our mission